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This catalogue is a part of publication Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis (1875–1911): jo laikas ir mūsų laikas (His Time and Our Time, 2013) dedicated to his hundredth death commemoration and presents the works by Mikalojus K. Čiurlionis. Published in the book are presentations delivered in the form of treatise at the International Scientific Conference, held in Vilnius on 21– 24 September 2011 and organized by the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Lithuanian Composers’ Union in cooperation with the Vilnius Art Academy and the Lithuanian Research Institute of Culture, and selected for the publication in the book through peer review.

The goal of delineating the wide horizons of interdisciplinary research in the oeuvre of Čiurlionis combined efforts of over thirty art researchers, philosophers, musicologists, researchers of cultural discourse from Lithuania and abroad. The main concern in compiling the book was the entire completeness of the book, the plenitude of artistic values and energy exposure. Not only the wide approach in studying the oeuvre of the Lithuanian genius is among the most significant features of this publication, but also the revision of approaches directing towards another level of studying the works of Čiurlionis. Efforts in defining the place of Čiurlionis on the map of culture and arts in the 20th century are another clear sign of affinity and solidarity among the researchers of this book.

The interactive digital supplements – two CDs give the readers an opportunity to analyze manuscripts and documents, study pictures and listen to the recorded music. The CDs allow us to get most closely to the creative process of the genius, to his sketches and finished works, and are also helpful for further dissemination of Čiurlionis’ art. All documents and pictures of Čiurlionis provided in the supplements were taken from the National Art Museum of M. K. Čiurlionis (V. Putvinskio g. 55, LT-44248 Kaunas) and the stock of audio recording publishers. The works are presented in four categories: Paintings, Graphics and Drawings, Postcards, Manuscripts of Music Compositions and Other. They are presented in alphabetical order. Čiurlionis works are provided with the archival signatures and stored in M. K. Čiurlionis Art Museum (V. Putvinskio g. 55, LT-44248 Kaunas, Lithuania) unless otherwise stated.

Symbols of archival signatures:
Čg – Čiurlionis graphics
Čm – Čiurlionis music
Čl – Čiurlionis letters
Čt – Čiurlionis paintings

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This research was funded by a grant (No. LIT-5-42) from the
Research Council of Lithuania.

Research Council of Lithuania

Project support:
M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art, Vytautas Landsbergis Foundation.

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